A community where all people have their basic needs met and can grow to achieve their full potential.


We enhance the community by addressing the basic human needs of wellness, belongingness and esteem.

Core Values

As we promote the development of individuals, families and neighborhoods; we hold these values to guide us in our decisions:

  • understanding the community as a whole,

  • respecting the individuals within the community,

  • ensuring integrity and ethics in our relationships,

  • appreciation of people’s needs and aspirations

  • appreciating the needs of people override all considerations,

  • encouraging community members and organizations to work together to meet the needs of the community, and

  • promoting activities and outcomes that enhance the lives of our community members.

Claymont Community Center provides a wide array of resources to help people improve their lives. Our primary programs are:

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In addition, we house multiple tenant agencies that offer their own, unique services. With so many resources in one convenient location, Claymont Community Center is a hub for learning, getting well, and having fun.

Individuals and organizations can also rent our facilities. We offer rooms for meetings, classes, and events, in addition to our gymnasiums and outdoor fields for sports.

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